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Come As You Are: An 8-Week Guided Digital Racial Justice Journal for Allies of BIPOC

Reading Time: 2 minutes This journal has been an absolute labor of love and time. Thank you to those who reviewed the early drafts and provided feedback. Thank you to my mentors, friends, husband who tirelessly provided feedback, and to God, the Waymaker who continues to sustain me and give me strength to show up as imperfectly as I am and with hope. While specifically created for allies…

Racial Justice Resources for Educators

Reading Time: 2 minutes Growing up, I didn’t have access to many resources about racial justice. Now, as an adult, I am delighted by all of the racial justice resources now available to educators through textual and visual learning resources as well as via web and social media platforms. Developing this list has been a true labor of love, and I hope you find resources here that continue…