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Hi, I'm Bonita Croyle!
Hi, I'm Bonita Croyle!

I have been doing racial-justice education and abolition work in Mennonite and Anabaptist communities for the past seven years, and every day I learn something new. Because guess what? Dismantling systems of oppression and building transformative systems is lifelong work, and I do not have all the answers (and frankly, I am wary of any educator who says that they do). I believe in owning my intersections and recognizing my blind spots by failing forward. And, as a cisgender, heterosexual, non-disabled, English-speaking, middle-class, Mennonite, and transracial adoptee, I do my best to listen to and amplify other voices, and stand in solidarity with communities and causes that I care about.

I’m passionate about cultivating systems and practices which empower women and Black Indigenous People of Color, and in deepening my understanding of how communities can live together in ways that move towards transformation and shalom-based, gospel-informed kin-dom. Some of the ways that I do this are through building bridges, developing curriculum, utilizing data informed strategies, connecting people with professional corporate facilitators and resources, and providing workshops, consultations, book clubs, podcasts, articles and keynotes. I also do this through continuing education. I have my Bachelor of Arts in English and a Human Rights Consultant Certificate through the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. I am currently slated to have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate through the University of South Florida by May 2021. I am also a member of the NAACP, a Board Member for the Center of Art, Humor, and Soul, and on the MCUSA's Women in Leadership Steering Committee.

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Shalom, Bonita (she/her/hers)
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"The Ebenezer Project transforms lives and moves folks towards racial justice through revolutionary writings, thought provoking questions, and essential resources. I highly recommend the Ebenezer Project for anyone seeking to confront racism and commit to anti-racism for self and predominately white interfaith churches/organizations. IMPERATIVE to follow ASAP." -Lachelle H.

"The Ebenezer Project has been invaluable to me in providing a space for learning about and discussing anti-racist practices. Through my work with an Anabaptist-related organization, my church relationships, and my service on several non-profit boards, I have found an important resource to help me as I continue to grow and work for racial justice." - Bill P.

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This six-week journal is for white allies of BIPOC folx who are committed to doing the work of abolition and racial justice. This journal won't make participants instantly anti-racist (because y'all know that isn't a thing. Anti-racism is a journey). This journal won't give quick and easy fixes or boast bullshit like ten steps to becoming anti-racist. But it will give participants practical tools on how to root their anti-racist journey in a long-term and sustainable vision, love their neighbor, and change the world.