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It’s that time of the week again. Here are my Top 5. 
1.Have you ever heard of the website titled Pastors in Exile? I stumbled across it a few months ago, and have found it riveting. A movement of Anabaptist pastors in the Waterloo area, Pastors in Exile claims the following: 
“We are community pastors outside of church walls, who are seeking God’s blessings for the city and surrounding area of Kitchener-Waterloo. We partner and collaborate with all those who also seek the wellness of this place we call home.
We believe that church is evolving into something beyond just a specific community in a specific place at a specific time. PiE is a network of people that constantly evolves and changes; a network of people who are exploring what it means to love God and love their neighbours in unique, creative and powerful ways. Everyone who seeks to join God’s loving and transforming work in the world is invited to be a pastor in exile with us”   
I stumbled across the following blog post entitled: I am Mennonite and We are Racist and found the words challenging and raw and courageous. 
2. Are you a podcast person? Check out the Liturgists. 
***Disclaimer – there is a bit of language in their podcasts, and some podcasts begin with a trigger warning.***
 Last year, a friend sent me the link for Episode 40: Woman. And, I have been re-listening to this as the first time I pretty much bawled through its entirety. This episode features: Lisa Gungor, Austin Channing Brown, Emily Capshaw, Reverand Sarah Heath, Caroline Lee and Christine Chester. If you have a few hours and a stash of tissues, grab a spot on the couch and settle in. 
3. Do you ever have a quote that just sits with you? One that has been sitting with me is the following: 
Photo obtained through Google Photos via the Hunt Institute

4. Need another worship group to listen to? One of my favorites is Forever Jones, and this song has been on my heart this week: Every Moment  Enjoy 🙂 

5. The Office. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time that I watched this show, but every now and then I see a meme and it reminds me exactly of the week that I have had. 

Photo obtained through Google Images

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