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One: A Yale student is sleeping in the common area. Another Yale student calls the police on the sleeping Yale student.

Two: Two men walk into a Starbucks to meet a friend. They ask to use the bathroom. They are told they must purchase items first. They continue to wait for their friend. The police are called.

Four: A real estate agent goes to look at a house. A neighbor asks the real estate agent for identification. The real estate agent produces paperwork that verifies identification and profession. The neighbor calls the police.

Five: A family decides to have a BBQ in a park. A fellow park passerby believes having a BBQ is illegal and calls the police.

Six: “Hello, 911? I’d like to report some Natives on this land I claimed for Spain.” (The Root)

Seven: A father pushes his son in a stroller in a park. A passerby calls the police.

Eight: When I am #shoppingwhileblack #eatingwhileblack #airbnbingwhileblack #sleepingwhileblack #drivingwhileblack #talkingwhileblack #livingwhileblack #bbqingwhileblack I am still human. I am still deserving of respect. And yet, somehow, I must still #defendmyrighttolive

Nine: When I take out the gender and the race and the ethnicity and just tell the story, you do not ask me if the victim deserved it or what the victim did. You don’t ask me about the black person’s behavior. You don’t ask me why the woman didn’t just apologize. You don’t ask me why…
you just listen.

Ten: When white people use police as personal warriors to carry out racialized bias, they not only remain complicit with white supremacy but they propagate andexacerbate it.

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