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Have you ever heard someone say, “I heard God…” or “God told me…” or “God called me…” and then checked in with yourself? What was your body saying or doing? What did you notice? Anything surprising?

I was having a conversation with a close friend the other day when she said, “I think God is calling me to…” when I noticed it. A twinge. Right in my stomach. Faint, but still. It was there. A quick, ever so subtle judgement.

So. I did a quick check-in. What was that about? Why did someone hearing God’s voice make me feel _____?

As my husband and I have been gearing up for our cross-country move, I’ve found myself on the receiving end of multiple intense, yet deeply sincere, investigative discussions about my relationship with God and what does it mean to ‘hear’ God’s voice. How do we know God is calling us to do this work? How do we know we are qualified to do this work? How do we know this isn’t just something we want to do on a whim? How. Do. We. Know?

Following God and His call is often quite complicated, complex and multi-layered. And, when friends have approached me about wanting to sponsor us financially, I have often experienced a new layer of discomfort and distrust.

While, we have never explicitly asked for financial support, enough friends have explicitly expressed interest in financial sponsorship that we held a small Coffee shop gathering at the beginning of the summer. There, a relative pulled me aside to tell me that they would only consider giving financially if we were connected with an obvious missional NPO.

Which was fine.

But also, there went the twinge again. Right there. In my stomach.

What does it mean to be missional? What does it mean to believe and trust that God’s spirit is at work doing good work in others? This past year, a practice that my husband and I have committed to is giving gifts of money and/or gifts of time to people that we believe are listening to the call of God. For us, this has meant financial giving without strings attached. It means trusting that if the person wants to spend the money on a new pair of pants or a plane ticket, that that is okay. Self-care is a part of living abundantly. And, we trust what God is doing in that person’s life and we want to bless them.

I often wonder what that would look like in a larger scale. What would it look like to consider generously blessing those around us?

This week, I’d encourage you to check in with yourself. Pay attention. Dig deeper. Investigate those ‘twinges.’ Be generous! And, stay connected!

Shalom always,

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