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Pictures of black bodies
Hanging from trees on Sunday mornings
While onlookers cheered
Used to be front page type glory.
Used to be front page:
Type font single spaced,
Cut that shit out and hang it on your refrigerator as a medal of honor
This was the first group game
And everyone alive and white got a medal.

Just a Sunday family gathering
A usual bonfire

Pictures of brown bodies
In cages on Sunday mornings,
While onlookers cheered.
At the family gathering,
My father’s cousin shows up wearing a red shirt with a picture of a wooden cage with tacos underneath.
The caption reads: How to catch an illegal immigrant. 
This was the first group game and everyone alive and white stayed silent.

It was a Sunday,
And this was a family gathering.

Just a usual bonfire.

I wonder
When my brown skin
Will fuel the next
At a family gathering.

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