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This journal has been an absolute labor of love and time. Thank you to those who reviewed the early drafts and provided feedback. Thank you to my mentors, friends, husband who tirelessly provided feedback, and to God, the Waymaker who continues to sustain me and give me strength to show up as imperfectly as I am and with hope.

While specifically created for allies of BIPOC that have a commitment to racial justice and a basic familiarization with activism, this 8-week guided journal invites you to come as you are and start where you are. Each week offers 4-6 questions that you, your friends, small group, or book club can use to foster conversations and meaningful action. Each week ends with an actionable reflection item. As appropriate, share your reflections with your community. Activate your body. Dig deep. Pay attention to the discomfort. Notice what brings you hope. Stay vigilant.

My deepest hope is that this journal challenges you, inspires you, informs you, and transforms your journey.

NOTE: Please do not use this resource as your only anti-racism resource. Allyship is a lifetime journey, and this journal was created as just one resource to help you invest in and think critically about how you can show up for the long term. The work of divesting from whiteness and white supremacy, interrupting racism, learning and educating yourself about racism, is still work that must be done daily.


I have been overwhelmed and honored to have over 8,000 downloads of this journal and over 4,000 new visitors to this website from 11 different countries.

Creating this journal was a labor of love. But it also took emotional and intellectual time and energy. Although this journal was originally offered for free, I am now asking for $5 a PDF download so that I can support my racial justice work in interfaith communities. Feel free to read more about me and my work here. Payment can be made via Venmo(@Bonita-Chaim), or here.

If you would like to share this resource, I kindly ask that you share the link to the page rather than your personal copy of the PDF. This honors the emotional and intellectual labor which went into creating this resource.

If you are an organization hoping to use this journal, please connect with me via the Contact Me link.

Come As You Are (8×11) PDF

Come As You Are (4×6) PDF

Come As You Are (8 Page Version)

Note: Because of the color density and the length of the journals, it is recommended that you print off one week at a time. Or, use the following journal without the color background.

Come As You Are (8×11) PDF No Color Background

Upward & Onward Together

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