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This week, I am burning sage, turning on my salt lamps, and connecting with close friends and allies. I am drinking my favorite chai tea, resting, and writing love letters to my brown skin.

And, I am daring to activate my holy imagination by reimagining ways that allies can activate. That is why I created a 50-page digital racial justice journal (available for download which will be released this Friday, May 29, 2020) – because I believe deeply in the power of allyship and the need for active co-conspirators.

Allies, I know it can be a knee-jerk response to want to do something. Your action is important. However, too often allied action without grounding can create more harm, especially when those actions are performative and are not done in partnership with Black and brown communities. Pay attention to how Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are activating and support and amplify their efforts.

Here are some steps to try in the interim:

Refamiliarize yourself with these steps of allyship:

What steps or actions are you taking this week?

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