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This summer, more than 3,000 people from around the world downloaded the “Come As You Are” Journal. I have been overwhelmed by the many kind responses and donations.

As a follow-up to the journal, I created two 28-day calendars with daily actions that I believe may align with your anti-racist vision statements. It is important to note that each person’s anti-racism practice will look a little different. Different is okay. But, it is important that each person’s anti-racism practice requires education, community, accountability, honest truth-telling, action, amplification of marginalized communities, and interruption of hate.

These calendars offer just a few actions that you can take, and they are only meant as a guide. Being anti-racist is a verb, which means action. And, committing to anti-racist action means committing to showing up for the journey and the work every day. It is highly recommended that the actions suggested in these calendars are done within a communal context and with an accountability partner. Take stock of who you can do these actions with, and identify what organizations are already showing up and engaging in anti-racism work in your community.

These calendars also include recommendations of anti-racist activists that you can follow who are showing up across social justice spaces: Climate and Environmental Justice, Transracial Adoption, International Human Rights, Prison Reform, Immigration Rights, and Indigenous Rights. I would imagine that many of these voices may challenge you, and I encourage you to pay attention to how your body reacts when you feel challenged.

These calendars are offered for free, but if you would like to send a donation, please donate here.

If you are interested in additional educational resources, check out this list of over 200 racial justice educational resources.

Download the Calendars

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