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Welcome to the Ebenezer Project

Do you remember that story in the Bible about the ebenezer?

That story is one of my favorite Bible stories because God shows up again and again for people despite their disobedience. And, God makes the impossible possible. In the wake of the Israelite victory, Samuel takes a stone and sets it on the ground and he names the stone “Ebenezer” saying, “Thus far, the Lord has helped us.” God shows up despite our messiness. And, God shows up and invites us to a renewed commitment toward aligning ourselves with kin-dom, shalom-oriented values and to share with our community our own Ebenezer’s. Look! See what God has done in our lives. Look! See what God is building stone by stone.


The Ebenezer Project was founded in 2013 in order to create a space to empower change makers working for racial justice in Anabaptist and interfaith communities, amplify and elevate the voices of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), and provide free and accessible racial justice materials, resources, and workshops.


Transform Anabaptist and interfaith communities and institutions by empowering BIPOC and white co-conspirators to disrupt racism, engage intersectionally, speak with authenticity, and invest in long-term and sustainable anti-racist practices.


  • Cultivating Joy and Building Sustainable, Proactive, Life-Affirming and Life-Sustaining Practices
  • Following the Liberatory Call of Jesus Christ to Break Every Chain and to Love our Neighbor, God, and Self
  • Dreaming and Reimagining Systems through Abolition
  • Disrupting Racism and All Systems of Oppression
  • Equipping Interfaith Communities with Anti-Racist Tools
  • Promoting, Centering, and Empowering Historically Excluded Voices
  • Investing in Decolonization and Analyzing Power
  • Thinking Intersectionally
  • Maintaining Accountability and Promoting Justice
  • Learning from History