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2020 Summer/Fall Series

Transracial Adoption & The Revolution | July 31, 2020 | Watch Now

Brittany Nash is a photographer, business consultant, and founder of The Daily Adoptee, an online space where Black and Brown transracial adoptee voices are prioritized and celebrated. As a Black adopted woman, small business owner, and a racial justice advocate, she prides herself on being a strategic networker  in pairing projects she consults on with racial justice education, event planning, and community revitilization. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Liberal Arts Degree in Communication and has committed to using her knowledge of business, journalism, photography, and graphic design to impact the world in as many little ways possible to have a lasting impact.

Intersectionality, Immigration & The Revolution | August 14, 2020 | Watch Now

Chantrey Cheav leads with passion both in her personal and professional life. She is a former child refugee and a lifelong changemaker. She is proudly raising two loving and fiery future changemakers. Support this conversation series by donating to the International Rescue Committee and the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

Community Activism & The Revolution | August 28, 2020 | Watch Now

Mustafa Nuur is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania based community and immigrant activist, and the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge, a social enterprise platform that connects the general public with cultural experiences offered by refugees sharing their story, culture, and cusines as a means to earn a supplemental income. He is a Lancaster TEDx Speaker and, among other things, has been featured on NPR, the UNHCR, and Buzzfeed. Support Mustafa by connecting with and supporting Bridge.

Black Womanhood, Activism & The Revolution | September 4, 2020 | Watch Now

Pilisa Nicolette Mackey is a 26-year-old activist currently living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Her goal in life is to seek sustainable avenues of political activism in the pursuit of intersectional justice, especially within the Black community. An avid reader, writer, and poet (all unpublished…for now), Pilisa displays her activism best through her words and her artistic expressions. Support Pilisa through her Venmo: @Pilisa-Mackey, and by supporting her website: Soft Black Girl Poetry. Other organizations that Pilisa cares deeply about are: A Concrete Rose Book Bar, which will be the first Black-owned book bar and winery in Pennsylvania, and Speak to My Soul, an advocacy organization which seeks to uplift, center, and provide safe spaces for Black performing artists.

Transracial Adoption, Black Womanhood & The Revolution | SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 | Watch Now

Baké Watt is a transracial adoptee (TRA) from Benin and Niger. She works primarily with transracial adoptive families, and sells toys through her Etsy shop, Purple Like Me Crafts, to empower young TRAs, and advocate for adoption reform. Support Baké by purchasing crafts through her store.

Puerto Rico, Intersectionality & The Revolution | October 9, 2020 | Watch Now

Isaiah Sanabria is the host of the podcast ‘Y’all Suck,’ the Creative Producer and Chief Editor of Suckr, and a super talented actor. He currently resides in NYC. Support him through his Venmo: @isaiahsanabria.

Identity, Intersectionality & The Revolution | OCTOBER 16, 2020 | Watch Now

Jacob Taylor-Mosquera is an enthusiastic people connector in the extensive international adoption community. He regularly networks, promotes and participates in adoption-related events in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Join us as we discuss Identity, Intersectionality, & the Revolution. Support him through Venmo @Jacob-TaylorM and by buying his Memoir “I Met Myself in October: A Memoir of Belonging.

Theater, Black Womanhood & The Revolution | OCTOBER 23, 2020 | Watch Now

Starleisha Michelle Gingrich is the Founder and Artistic Director of Disrupt Theatre Company. Join us as we discuss Theater, Black Womanhood & the Revolution. Feel free to follow her and support her work. Venmo: @Starleisha-Gingrich.