Why We Need to Talk About Jussie Smollett

 Just because someone yells ‘wolf’ when there isn’t one, doesn’t mean wolves  don’t exist. In the weeks since Jussie’s attack, social media, black twitter and conservative pundits have voiced everything from outrage to disbelief to condemnation to ridiculous and such outrageous alt-right conspiracy theories that I won’t even waste my breath (or your time) toContinue reading “Why We Need to Talk About Jussie Smollett”

6 Tips for Engaging in Political Discussions this Holiday

If you’re anything like me, you might be dreading the upcoming holidays. I mean, midterms, am I right? And, of course they were strategically placed on day 6 of the Gratitude journey to Thanksgiving. Because – reasons! As a (pretty opinionated, and the youngest) black woman in a white (mostly moderate, also very opinionated) largelyContinue reading “6 Tips for Engaging in Political Discussions this Holiday”

Anger as a Site of Struggle

Do you remember a time you were critiqued for being angry? I’m guessing it isn’t hard to conjure up a recent memory. Because we know how racism particularly exploits white fear of black anger. Historically, black anger is the “ultimate” nightmare. And, it’s from this which ‘we’ “protect” white innocence.  The expression of emotions, particularlyContinue reading “Anger as a Site of Struggle”